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Chantal Korteweg

About Chantal Korteweg

Trained as a lawyer, Chantal feels strongly about social justice. She is a proud mother of a son and daughter. Chantal started her career as an attorney-at-law, and then worked for FMO, the Dutch Development bank for 13 years in different roles.


Chantal grew up in England and the Netherlands, which sparked her love for travel, culture and different perspectives. During the past ten years she passionately worked on female leadership and gender finance.

Chantal is an advisory board member for different organisations.


Currently, she works as Director Inclusive Banking at ABN AMRO to make banking products and services more inclusive and accessible for women and others. 


In 2022 Chantal was nominated as 1 of the 50 Dutch female leaders in sustainable finance and as 1 of the 30 Dutch inclusive leaders (Sprout).

In 2023 Chantal was appointed as the women’s representative of the Netherlands and delivered a speech in the UN General Assembly.

Personal mission

It is Chantal’s personal mission to empower women to become more (financially) aware, resilient and independent, so they have freedom of choice and can unlock their full potential at work and in life. This will improve their families’ livelyhoods, lead to economic growth, more jobs and stimulate innovation, matters we need desperately given the disruptive challenges we face.

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