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Inclusive banking

Chantal is the director of inclusive banking at ABN AMRO. She and her team have a bank wide mandate to make the financial products and services more inclusive and accessible for women and clients with a culturally diverse background, who currently encounter many barriers in terms of banking and financial services.

Chantal also sits on the steering committee ‘inclusivity’ of the Dutch Banking Association on behalf of ABN AMRO. Chantal has also initiated an initiative to establish a private / public partnership between Dutch stakeholders (banks, ministries, networking organisations and NGO’s) to agree upon a covenant to stimulate women entrepreneurship based on the UK’s Investing in Women Code.

Financial Empowerment of women 

Chantal was appointed as the Dutch Women’s Representative for the UN in 2023 and is a frequently asked speaker and panellist (at more than 50 speaking opportunities) on financial empowerment of women. 


Gender equality at work

Co-author of book to-be: ‘SOS: a survival guide for women at work and speaker on gender equality at work. Chantal has also mentored and coached many young women in their career.

About the book            

SOS: A survival guide for women at work is a book about gender (in)equality at work. We identify the hurdles and barriers for women to advance their careers, but also ways to address them; many of us have no problem identifying pitfalls but knowing how to change our ways is infinitely harder. We have chapters around topics such as: Leadership, Parenting, Bias, Support, Power, Guilt, Conflict, Money and more…

We frame solutions using our SOS framework:

(1) Self: what can you do yourself, (2) Others: how can others help you and how can you help others, and (3) Society: how the system and the (unwritten) rules should change. Get a sneak peak of our book by reading our chapter on Guilt that was published in the Harvard Business Review: Home - SOS Women at Work

She delivered a speech on the value of financial independence of women during the Annual Meeting of the United Nations in October 2023.

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